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. >> reporter: worry about the stability of countries in the middle east, now worry about u.s. economic recovery is urging the obama administration toward tapping the strategic reserve. >> it is one we are considering, it has been done in very rare occasions there is a bunch of factors that have to be looked at and it is just not the price. >> reporter: america's strategic petroleum research every holds 777 million-barrels of oil. selling oil from the reserve at $100 a barrel could ease the federal deficit but new york times report online says obama administration is concerned about taking oil from the reserve when there is excess oil production capacity around the world. when the reserve was tapped in 2005 after hurricane katrina. oil prices dropped 9% now? >> i think it is time and we need to look at other sources of energy. >> reporter: now is not the time some say. >> not the strategic reserve i am buying an electric car tomorrow and it will give me the patriotic pleasure of not sending money overseas to someone trying to blow us up. >>> tapping the reserve would free up supply but only have
exactly that works. that country only produces about 3% of u.s. crude, but it does produce a grade of oil easily refined around the world in many places. when it's not available, the demand of that goings up, increasing the price of that. that is why we're paying more. more bad news? the price of oil is going back up this morning. now, i have some good news. i don't want to make it all bad. the good news is that the price in san francisco now is $3.94. that's the average. it was worse back in june of '08. we were paying $4.62. that has to pass as good news this morning. terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> that's the best you got, terry? >> that's all i got. (laughter) >> thanks, buddy. bundle up. quan is proposing two new taxes to help the $46 million budget gap. the first is an $80 parcel tax over a five-year period. it needs approval and a $1.99 phone tax that requires only a simple majority. but the voters rejected a similar idea in 2008. governor jerry brown will hold a special election in june on tax issues. plans to put it to that initiative before it goes through. >> a garbage rate hik
and the possibility of the u.s. nations conducted air strikes against libyan forces which are just out side of that gauzy right now. let us go to the newsroom. >> reporter: good point, there are four journalists that will be released today. the for a journalist before reported missing while they were covering the libyan conflict. there will be released later on this afternoon. i will keep monitoring the wires into be posted throughout the morning. back to. >> thank-you, the time ballot is 602. that is talk about the weather. james? >>james: it does point to be wet, what, what all day. we of rain in san mateo. bring to the north. --rain to the north. it is a substantial bit of grain. a days trekking to the northeast as we said then up to the east we are going to see near the 1 01 at purging whitakeapproaching woodacre. expect, and the next hour or two to see raid.n. just going off shore and trek across the bay is good to be targeted towards a word. expect it to a arrived in just a little bit. this is what we're saying for storm trucker for. --seeing for storm tracker 4. the timing is at 9:00
'll get our first indication of the strength of the event on the u.s. mainland, over the next 15 minutes and that is when forecasts show the waves will reach san francisco. whether or not they'll be damaging, or even noticeable, has yet to be seen. >> japan's east coast, hit with a 23-foot tsunami, shortly after the quake struck. police along the country's northeast coast, report finding the bodies of two to three hundred people, japan railways working to find a missing passenger train. while the government reports the giant wave swept away a ship, carrying about 100 people. >> unfortunately we expect to get more reports like those, 8.9 magnitude quake is japan's worst on record as we say, one of the worst in world history. and rocked cities hundreds of miles from epicenter an spawned dozens and dozens, as we hear it of aftershocks. >> look at one of japan's three nuke we're power plants, that are having some problems right now, the worst in the city of onahana where police ordered evacuations where a fire disabled a cooling system there. no reports of radiation leaking, secretary of sta
details coming up. >>> the u.s. opens fire on libya. what prompted the president's decision and how gadhafi is reacting. >> and swept away by the tsunami. what became of the driver. >> good evening, a stormy day and we're not in the clear yet. another wave of heavy rain and strong winds is moving in at this hour. meteorologist, lawrence has more on that in a minute, but our team coverage begins with don knapp in san francisco and the mess left behind by the storm so far. don. >> and this wet and wild weekend is about to get a little wilder with the wind warnings coming up. there are wind advisories all the way down to the 50-mile an hour winds on the golden gate tonight and on the san mateo bridge. the big rigs and box trucks are restricted. that wind has already done damage on land. >> crews work to cut up and remove a 90-foot oak that crashed on to a house on walnut creek this evening. dropping the tree on to the roof, knocking out skylights and poking holes. no one was hurt. earlier today, wind and rain shut down highway 84 between skyline boulevard. falling trees brought dow
be closed for hours. take a look in the oakland hills. u.s. geological survey saying the ground is 90% saturated that might explain the runoff here. hillsides and trees could be giving way. some trails are closed down to prevent hikers getting stuck. >> we're like a sponge and we're having trees fall on the trails. we have our crews out making sure we're keeping what trails we can open. >> reporter: four slides reported in the oakland hills last weekend. this one is in december to give you an idea how long it takes to undue the damage down from the landslides. clean out your storm drains at home and culverts to help prevent back-up and keep water moving where it should go. coming back here in san leandro, the problem is not going where it should go. they have a clogged drain. two southbound lanes are closed maybe for hours. they are going to try to figure what is in the drain and how you tough it is to open up again and then we'll know how long it will be closed this morning. live in san leandro, terry mcsweeney, "abc 7 news". >> kristen: we'll be checking back with you. you were talk
him about long-term deployment. secretary gates says both the u.s. and afghan government wants the u.s. involved after the planned 2014 combat operations. he says the u.s. is in talks with the afghan government about what the presence would like like. he also offered encouragement for the troops. >> you've had a tough winter. it will be a tougher spring and summer. you have made a lot of head way. i think you are proven with your afghan partners that this will work and we will be able to prevail. >> reporter: there is a lot of speculation in d.c. that secretary gates is preparing to resign and this could be his last trip as defense secretary to afghanistan. reporting live from washington, d.c. alison burns. >>> in libya government forces again launched air attacks on rebel forces today. the troops loyal are trying to prevent the rebel fighters from advancing to the capitol of tripoli. already the uprising is a lot longer and more violent than the revolts that overthrew the leaders of egypt and tanisha. as the evacuation of foreign workers continues now, one group of evacwees went to ex
to restore power to the plant so they can reactivate the cooling system. >>> the u.s. government is now chartering airports to evacuate u.s. citizens because of the rising radiation levels. volunteering air fares for family members of government employees. >>> closely watching the movement of the radioactive plume coming from the crippled reactors. it's churning across the pacific ocean and expected to reach the islands south of alaska some time today. then the plume is expected to reach southern california late tomorrow. now the health experts emphasize radiation levels are plunging as that plume moves across the ocean. at worse they say, health consequences here in the u.s. would be extremely minor. now the environmental protection agency is installing more radiation monitors here in california just to keep track of any possible radiation coming from japan. ktvu's jade hernandez is live now at uc berkeley to tell us about these extra precautions. good morning, jade. >> reporter: good morning. we are live at cal this morning. and we wanted to bring you here to the campus because a prof
to offer u.s. assistance. here is the latest. >> in parts of japan hit by an earthquake flattened by a tsunami, a third risk now looms, fears of nuclear meltdown. >> this veekt says it's the most frightening thing but signs of what is happening at the fukushima daiichi plant are not good. all four reactors have had issues including three exposes explosions. >> the prime minister says the leaked radiation level is rather high. >> now we are talking about levels that can impact human health. i would like all of you to take this information calmly. keep inside the house. >> japanese television echoed the warnings affecting 140,000 people. 70,000 have already evacuated. nearby test sites are checking people to see if they have been exposed to radiation. >> this woman seven i worry very much about the radiation. i don't even know what to do. even in tokyo, there are reports of slightly higher radiation levels but they say it's too small to threaten people there. hillary clinton met with japan's foreign minister who expressed gratitude. >> the world comes together to support japan in th
in an attempt to sneak across the u.s. border. >>> also a new sign of defiance from libyan leader gadafi. why questions are being raised about whether the military operation against libya is really working. >>> good morning to you. welcome back. time now 6:16. libyan leader gadafi says western powers attacking libya will "end up in the dust bin of history." as ktvu's allison burns reports from our washington d.c. newsroom, gadafi made his first appearance since the beginning of those coalition air strikes. allison. >> reporter: dave, gadafi's forces are still advancing. the civilian death toll is mounting. and this morning there are questions about whether the military effort against him is working. >>> this is new video of u.s. fighters taking off from the uss key damage in the mediterranean sea as forces continue to pound libyan targets, gadafi sounds as defiant as ever. he made his first appearance since the attacks began and vowed to keep fighting. >> they will not terrorize us. we are making fun of throbbing course. >> reporter: president obama is cutting short his south america trip by
on a scale where 7 is the equivalent of chernobyl. they are asking u.s. officials for help. military fire trucks including one borrowed from the u.s. have reportedly been able to reach the cooling pool in building 3 with some water this morning. meanwhile, more than 16,000 people have been confirmed dead or missing since the quake struck. now, the latest on the nuclear part of the crisis. >> japanese government officials are cautiously optimistic about the fukushima daiichi power plant in northern japan. they connected the cooling equipment to a diesel generator allowing them to pump sea water in. they expect to have another pump to cool another two. >> the work is continuing to put water into the power plant. at the same time, effort is going on to evaluate the results of yesterday's work. >> reporter: and the team continued operations at the facility's most troubled reactor. they doused number three with water cannons and dropped water from the air with helicopters. on thursday, president obama. >> even as responders continue to do heroic work, we know that the damage to the nuclear rea
: president obama called japan to get an update, to let the japanese people the u.s. is ready to help. >> u.s. president obama expressed sympathy to the jobless public. he also offers support including, of the support related to the nuclear-power plant. >> reporter: the united states urged its citizens to move away from the power plant. u.s. state renounced church sites will be made available to u.s. citizens who have to leave. law will also provide an on android to providing over the site the idea is to give the japanese government a better idea what may be going on. reporting live, tokyo carmarthen savage. >> will: nearly a week after more than 452,000 people are staying in shelters in near freezing temperatures supplies are running short. more than 5300 people confirmed dead. officials believe that number will climb to well over 10 doesn't. the crisis in japan is spiking demand for the u.s. potassium iodine. it's a cheap trick that can protect against one type of radiation damage. >> reporter: one of the most common questions is will potassium iodide prevent radiation damage? state healt
for the air strikes, but when a u.s. rescue helicopter flew in to pick up the pilots, they began firing on those villagers. despite the incident, the villagers say they want the u.s. involvement to continue. >>> the price tag for the u.s. involvement is topping the $100 million mark. and debate over more funding is raging in washington. according to navy figures, the u.s. has spent $225 million already on tomahawk missiles to establish that no-fly zone in libya. and it will cost another $100 million a week to maintain the no-fly zone. military officials say they may have to ask congress for more money. lawmakers on both sides say the country cannot afford it. >>> time now 5:17. the u.s. military now investigating the capture of illegal immigrants who were posing as u.s. marines. border patrol agents stopped this van on march 14th. it was near a san diego check point. inside they found 13 illegal immigrants. they were wearing military uniforms. and the van had a fake u.s. government license plate. among those arrested were two u.s. citizens, three illegal immigrants are being held now as
. each was cleared by u.s. customs and border protection and eventually allowed to leave the airport without any problems. one person on board did have a medical issue, but that person was not taken to the hospital. most of the passengers we spoke to figured something was going on the airline wasn't telling them about. >> lack of communication i think that really disturbed most of us. said it was a medical problem and that was it. but it didn't make sense why we were sitting on the tarmac for hours. >> reporter: flight 104 arrives from the philippines around 7:40 last nightful the passengers were told they could not use facilities or cell phones. we spoke to one passenger on board who described to us in detail what happened last night. he may not look familiar, but you most likely have heard his voice if you've seen the rock band journey lately, that end of the story coming up. reporting live from sfo this morning, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> well, the bay area has barely had time to dry out. and already a new wave of wet weather has arrived. people who live on hillsides
's ambassador to talk more about u.s. assistance. >> the in parts of japan hit by an earthquake flattened by a tsunami a third risk now looms. fears of nuclear meltdown. >> this evacuee says that most frightening thing. nobody really knows what is happening. but signs what is happening at fukushima daiichi are not good. all four reactors have issues including three explosions. radioactive material could be leaking from the base of the reactor. the leaked radiation level is rather high. >> now we are talking about levels that can impact human health. i would like all of you to take this information calmly. >> keep inside the work places or houses. >> they echoed the warnings affecting more than 140,000 people within a 12 mile radius. 70,000 have already evacuated. they are checking people to see if they have been exposed to radiation. >> this woman says i worry very much about radiation. i don't know what to do. even in tokyo, there are reports of slightly higher radiation levels but they say the levels are too small to threaten people there. hillary clinton met with the foreign minister w
, ground transportation would be difficult or impossible. now u.s. flights to japan have been canceled or some have been rerouted that left before the earthquake happened. they're being diverted either 164 miles away or owe sock ca, 340 miles away. one flight coming into japan from tokyo was diverted. but, again, ground transportation has to be very difficult. we're waiting for a very large delta jetliner to and but the situation is that if you're going to japan or no someone who is, those plans are likely canceled. at the least they will be delayed. reporting live from sfo. >> all right, tom. this is what it's like in japan after that devastating tsunami. just look at this. you can see no signs of any planes. the terminal flooded except for one run way. this airport is about 150 miles north of tokyo. tokyo's main international airport was briefly shut down. we're getting word operations are starting to resume there. an incredible update. >> the shots that we saw from kraig that he had streaming live from japanese tv cars on their side, buildings crumbled. waves of mud, really amazing.
a u.s. military jet crashed today and we just learned from the military it was apparently due to a mechanical problem. two crewmembers ejected safely and are both safe. this comes as united states scales back its role in operation odyssey dawn over libya. >>> international forces leading most of the latest missions against moammar qaddafi's forces. a third straight night of bombing has stopped their advances. but disorganization among the rebels is keeping them from taking advantage. a video that surfaced on youtube shows an attack on libya civilians. there is no word on possible casualties from the explosion. the u.n. security council has rejected libya as call for an emergency meeting to stop the military operations. and china is also calling for a cease-fire. the coalition force are planning to expand the no-fly zone. >>> new danger at the damaged nuclear power plant in japan. japanese nuclear safety officials say the pool for storing spent fuel is heating up and is near boiling. those high temperatures likely caused the steam that has been wafting out of reactor number 2.
is reactor 4. wednesday, u.s. officials warn the unit no longer has water in its spent fuel pools, meaning the fuel rods are completely exposed, with nothing to prevent them from melting down. the u.s. is urging all americans to steer clear of the troubled plant. late last night the state department stayed would arrange charter flights to help u.s. citizens leave japan. today, tokyo's airport was packed with travelers like barbara, eager to get out. >> i'm concerned because i really don't know the situation about the radiation. it keeps changing. >> reporter: all americans living within 50 miles of the plant are being encouraged to evacuate or stay indoors. that's 2.5 times as wide as the danger zone established by the japanese. president obama discussed the precautions the u.s. is taking in a phone call with japan's prime minister last night. he also vowed to do everything possible to help japan recover from its worst crisis since world war ii. the u.s. military will provide fire trucks and pumps from its bases here in japan but made clear that they would be manned by japanese forces. liv
a mystery, despite his promises of a long war with the u.s. and its allies. defense secretary gates says the lsu hand over control of the however, questions remain about america's long-term exit strategy. disaster in japan. workers get another scare as smoke rises from the crippled nuclear plant and residents are being warned about contaminated drinking water and food. this as the estimated death toll jumps to more than 18,000 "early" this monday morning, march 21st, 2011. >>> and good morning. good morning. welcome to "the early show" here on a monday morning, i'm chris wragge. >> i'm erica hill. good to have you with us. >> following two very major stories this morning. first of which the situation in japan. all eyes on that nuclear facility in fukushima once again. this as reports as i mention a few moments ago, smoke emanating from that troubled reactor 3 there. and now reports of radiation levels detected radiation levels in both the food and the water in that safety zone around the nuclear plant right now. we're going to continue to follow this and have an update on the situation t
of libya. >> reporter: air will allow the current coalition led by the u.s., u.k., france to stand down. that may please some legislators to criticize president barack obama for u.s. involvement. former secretary of state madeleine albright says the president made the right move. >> i think he handled it very well, the reason we intervened this is terrible things are happening on the ground near libya. people were being killed, gaddafi himself had said he was going to slaughter everyone. we had an international support for. >> reporter: the first set of data will be to take charge of the no-fly zones >> justine: . facing mounting concern over the proposed mission president barack obama is scheduled to address the nation today, a live event scheduled for 4:30 p.m. we wish be sure to light in exactly what he says. coming up, the latest on the worsening situation in japan will take about 6.5 magnitude aftershock and the latest on the radiation concerns. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. >> justine: welcome back to the kron 4 new
. since the beginning of this year, investors have put more than $24 billion in u.s. stock funds. >>> san francisco police everyone waking you this morning about a new scam, this one targets atms and these thieves use glue, not guns. jade hernandez is live in san francisco now to tell us what to look out for. good morning, jade. >> reporter: good morning. i just checked in with the san francisco richmond police station that's just around the corner and found out one of these thefts happened last week during the day at a bank of america atm similar to this one. what the customer did, the customer put the card inside of the machine and then typed in the key code. once the key code came up, the customer realized that. enter button had been glued down. thieves are targeting atm users and the customers can't finish the process because the key gets stuck in the machine. the customer goes inside the bank and leaves the information or card back up on the screen. a local paper report says the police said since january there have been four of these type of thefts in the district. thieves are using
in to help private american citizens wishing to leave japan. >>> u.s. citizens are also being urged to defer all nonessential travel to any part of that country because unpredictable wind conditions could spread radioactive contamination. and the u.s. is still telling americans living -- living within 50 miles of the damaged plant to leave the area or at least remain indoors while the japanese government is limiting its warning to people living within 12 miles of the plant. and that's one example of what some in the obama administration believe is japan downplaying the risk. coming up at:15, we'll have a live report -- 7:15, we'll have a live report on this disaster. >>> scientists on the west coast are watching a radioactive plume movement. it's expected to hit the aleutian islands south of i -- that's south of alaska sometime today. health experts are saying radiation is plunging. the epa is installing more radiation detection mob teres here in -- monitors here in california just to keep track of the threat. jade hernandez is joining us live. she's at uc berkeley where they are installing
are on the ground in libya trying to figure out exactly who the u.s. is helping over there. alison? >> reporter: dave, let's get back to a live look at that house armed services committee hearing going -- committee going on right now. they are testifying about the u.s.-led operation in lib ba. in the last hour, the secretary gates acknowledged the u.s. knows very little about the rebels taking on the libya regime. >> there are multiple, multiple agendas, at this point we don't have a lot of visibility in those. >> reporter: cia operatives, now on the ground in libya, they've been reportedly working in labia for weeks trying to gain the strength of gadhafi 'forces -- gadhafi's forces and they are trying to find out if cade is there -- if al qaeda is there. back to you. >> okay. alison. thank you. >>> a really wild scene in syria. look at this. a speech by president of syria yesterday aingeed, rather than appeased those who -- angered rather than appeased those who wanted it. in his speech, the president blamed the anti-government protests on a foreign conspiracy. >>> ten u.s. sailors are recover
there's a very low probability of harmful radiation levels in the u.s. still ktvu sal castaneda is live where people are taking precautions. what are they doing? >> reporter: as the news worsens about the japanese nuclear disaster, more people are showing up at medical centers like this and at pharmacies asking what they can do if anything to protect themselves from radioactive fallout should it reach the west coast. potassium iodine supplements have suddenly become scarce and manufactures say they are having trouble keeping up with demand. the supplement is said to protect the thyroid gland from iodine, which may have been released from one of japan's damaged nuclear reactors. >> everyone thinks i'm a nut bag. >> u.s. surgeon general said we do not need to worry about nuclear fallout. surgeon general said people didn't need to do anything different yet. if anything changes, the public will be notified immediately. >> we work through cbc and our office of preparedness, so we would be on top of it and get the word out to your local and state health departments. you'd have it right awa
today. they're being given out at four u.s. bases in japan. nine days after the quake and his nominees year-old woman and a teenage border rescued from wreckage in the house. rescuers found the boy is suffering from hypothermia on the roof of his prose. inside the front his grandmother week by contras. the two were in the kitchen when the quake struck. the very latest in this situation in libya, a cruise missile blasted the compound it is unknown where he was when the missile hit. pentagon officials say the u.s.-led coalition has succeeded dense scattering and isolating libyan forces of gaddafi after week a punishing air attacks. others believe that the military is under significant stress. that is included stealth bombers, jet fighters, 120 tomahawk cruise missiles and other high-tech weapons. is there to fight saying we promised a long war. " >> james: will follow that story as it develops. now, here is a look at the weather. >> george: we have a little bit of wet weather to talk about, more showers today the beginning of a series of systems. it's a few shares working their way to ha
back. defense secretary robert gates is in afghanistan. he's determining the pace of u.s. troop with drawls and he's also making headlines this morning. alison burns has bonn monitoring a satellite feed of gate's visit with the troops. she is back with details. >> reporter: dave, the big news came when secretary gates was taking questions. he shook hands with each of the troops that came out to see him. one of them asked about long- term deployments. he said the u.s. should stay involved in afghanistan after the plan 2014 end of combat operations. >>> obviously it would be a small fraction of the presence we have today. but i think we are willing to do that. my sense is they are interested in having us do that. we will be going through this negotiation over the next several months. >> reporter: gates is also meeting with afghan president on the trip. we will stay on top of it with you. and have the latest of secretary gate's message to the troops. >>> bay area gas prices continue to be among the highest in the country. this morning drivers are getting a little bit of a break. tr
. regulators in washington are facing tough questions about safety reactors here in the u.s.. alison burns reports about a hearing that about to start in about 15 minutes. alison. >> reporter: dave, some members of congress say the nuclear crisis in japan is a wakeup call for the potential of a similar disaster here. energy secretary steven chew and the head of the regulatory commission will be testifying about it tomorrow. he told lawmakers yesterday the 104 reactors in the u.s. are protected. he said the u.s. is committed to nuclear power and will learn from the disaster in japan. >> are there going to be lessons learned? i'm sure there will be. we look back at our reactors and we up our game. every time we do this, we march on to ever increasing safety. >> reporter: some members of congress are not satisfied with his assurances. they point to maps like this that show nuclear reactors in the area. yellow dots indicate seismic activity here. eight of the reactors are on the west coast. they are worried they do not have the appropriate protections especially if they lose power for long per
'agata, cbs 5. the u.s. navy has established a heightened awareness of 100 nautical miles around the stricken nuclear power plant. any pilots flying missions there will have to take potassium iodide and be screened for radiation when it they return. live in niigata, japan, i'm charlie d'agata, back to you >> charlie, frank mallicoat here in san francisco. curious, how far are you now from the epicenter of sendai? and can you share some of the stories you have heard from some of the refugees behind you? how are they doing? >> reporter: yes. we're about 80 miles i would say west o sendai and fukushima dai-ichi is in the other direction. most of the people here are from the fukushima area and i think we have to remember that the region where the power plant is was already struck by an earthquake and tsunami that damaged the power plant itself. so they were affected by the earthquake. they survived the earthquake. they survived the tsunami. some of the people we spoke to lived within 10 miles of the fukushima plant. one woman with a child, she is nine months pregnant, 2-year- old child, she wasn'
of tapping into the u.s.'s strategic oil reserve. we'll explain in a minute. first, i want to show you what drivers are seeing as they pull up to the pump. you can see the cost of a gallon of regular gas is $3.93 a gal be. that's about -- gallon. that's about average according to aaaa. if you want plus or premium, you will pay well over $4 a gallon. nationwide the average cost of a gal -- gallon of gas is 3.51. that's cheaper than what we are paying here in california. but that price is 3 cents higher than the average two weeks ago. the spike is the second biggest increase in history. it's caught the attention of the white house. they are talking about tapping into the strategic reserve. >> the average american out there is feeling it. the president is very concerned. we're trying to look at all of the possible options going forward. >> reporter: now, if the president does decide to tap into the oil reserves, it would still take about two weeks for that gas to hit the u.s. market. still, some drivers we talked to said they like the idea. >> if we do need it, it's a good idea. >> reporter: g
as we go through this week's series of storms. >> justine: world news, we will start and libya u.s. military says the plane has crashed in libya but it was not shot down. one crew member was safely removed now they're trying to remove the other member. both have minor injuries. more explosions, anti-aircraft fire around libya's capital happen overnight it seemed to be coming nearer compound belonging to gaddafi. this is a target of building to about some of the regime's ability to command and control troops. the focus is shifting to extending the reach of the no-fly zone. officials say that today assault on air defenses has been largely successful and checked out this, heart stopping scene of what appears to be attack on civilians. >> of, of this video service duron it was reportedly taken two hours east of tripoli. cnn has not verified when or where were shot or who is responsible for that explosion. >> james: the latest set of japan evacuees are anxious to return to their home near power plants but have no idea whether there will take days months, or possibly even
a top official who says a few days ago there were 150 u.s. rescue workers who went up there with 12 dogs. those are really critical to this effort to try to see if they can get anyone out. that's what we know about that. your second point, dave, in terms of the blackouts i mean you can see earlier when i was up on the screen the lights are on here. they did talk about having rolling blackouts because power is a problem. the nuclear power plants were providing a lot percentage of power to this part of japan. it's a densely populated very high-tech country. so what they have been doing is shutting down some of the rail lines as you can imagine 50% of bart service that's what has been happening with some of the rail lines. we were at the tokyo station today and saw signs up talking about the rail lines being closed. >> i can only imagine. if you could just before you go explain the basic mood in the area you are right now. >> reporter: dave, let me tell you, anywhere you go you see the television is on people are watching. the news has been nonstop 24 hour coverage. you can think back to ka
island. the u.s. navy repositioned the aircraft carrier u.s.s. ronald reading an farther away from the northern japan coast to avoid radiation expose you are. 17 members of the helicopter crew were exposed to about a month's worth of radiation after flying a relief mission. however, after scrubbing down with soap and water they were declared contamination free. >>> the nuclear disaster in japan is prompting concern about the concern of radiation fallout reaching the north coast of the united states. the california government has three radiation detecting situations one in sacramento, one in san jose, and one in san francisco. he got a look at the data they use to make sure we're safe. >> reporter: we're at the corner of van ness, in front of the bay area air quality management office, 7 stories above the street on the roof is the federal government's radiation detection device. 142 feet above sea level sits this device operated by the environmental protection agency's national air and radiation laboratory. radnet as it is called can detect minute changes in radiation levels across
. you are looking at a live picture over st. louis missouri. this is coming in now. three u.s. marshalls. three federal marshalls have just been shot in a gun battle. we are also hearing another man was wounded inside of a house. again, details are very sketchy. we don't know the conditions of those three federal marshalls who were shot or even of the condition of the man wounded inside of a house. now you look at a helicopter leaving the scene. this was a wide picture of live shots combing in. we know those three marshalls were rushed to a hospital. that's all we know those marshals were shot while trying to make an arrest. the camera from that helicopter is zooming in on that crime scene. this is developing out of st. louis, missouri. three u.s. marshals shot while trying to make an arrest. we will get to you more details on this developing story and bring it to you as soon as we get them in. >>> there are overnight developments in libya as well. there is word that moammar gadhafi could be on his way out. there are conditions he is asking for in return for stepping down. >>> there is b
leaders are asking for international help to impose a no-fly zone over libya. but u.s. defense secretary robert gates is hesitant. he says that amounts to an act of war because it would require the u.s. to attack libya and destroy its air defenses. >>> a dutch ministry spokesman says three dutch marines are being held by authorities in libya after they were captured by the forces loyal to gadafi while trying to evacuate dutch workers. that spokesman says intensive negotiations are happening right now with the libya government trying to get the marines free. >>> there is word that the president of yemen has agreed to a plan from opposition leaders that includes him stepping down by the end of the year. for weeks now tens of thousands of protesters have been calling for the president who's been in power for more than 30 years to step down immediately. now it's not clear is this reported plan to allow the president to remain in power for nine more months will be supported by the protesters. >>> the suspect in an airport shooting in germany is now saying he acted alone. a security official s
. >>> breaking news in st. louis, missouri. right now, these are live pictures where we understand that two u.s. marshals, two federal marshals and a police officer, a st. louis police officer have been shot. we understand this happened during a gunfight that the officers were trying to make an arrest just before 5:00 our time. no word on the condition of the marshals. the police officer, we understand, suffered a grave wound. he had a bullet-resistant vest on and he apparently was injured when he fell after being shot. a suspect has also been shot. police say they have a hostage -- or standoff situation. the city s.w.a.t. team has come into the area, but again, we are looking at a situation where two u.s. marshals and a st. louis police officer have been shot. no word on the condition of those u.s. marshals. we will continue to follow this story as it develops in st. louis. >>> 6:23. drama of a different kind. charlie sheen the battle he will have in court today. coming up. >> plus, if you want a happier life maybe you should move. we'll tell you where california ranks among the happiest state
people confirmed dead, at 10,300 people missing. 452,000 are without homes. the head of the u.s. regulatory system says it could take days and possibly weeks to get japan's mass under control at the power plant. u.s. is helping japan deal with this crisis. president obama spoke about the situation yesterday. mr. obama visiting the japanese embassy in washington d.c.. he wrote a message in a book of condolences. he told americans not to worry about an nonnuclear plume causing damage in the nine states. --nuclear-- >> we don't expect to nuclear clouds to reach united states. let me repeat that. we do not expect harmful levels of radiation to reach the west coast, alaska, hawaii or the night is states territories. we are sharing expertise, equipment, technology so that the courageous responders on the scene have the benefit of american timor and support. >> reporter: the u.s. must learn from the power plant crisis he ordered a comprehensive review of all safety plans in the united states. there are more than 100 and nuclear reactors in the united states environmental protection age
for blue skies and warm weather. >> the u.s. coast guard is also reminding people to double check their boats due to the high winds. earlier this week more than a dozen boats were blown right across richardson bay. >>> the heavy rain is also adding to the problems in scots valley and the santa cruz mountains. the bad weather has delayed efforts to inspect a rock slide that has cut off more than 30 homes from the main road. geologists say the fallen hillside needs to dry out until at least sunday before they can even start planning to remove the huge rocks from the road. >> we are running a little low on propane and depending on how long it takes to clear the slide that may be an issue. >> now there is some progress despite the heavy rain. public works crews hope to begin work on an emergency access road some time today. now we're going to have a live report from the santa cruz mountains in our next half hour. >>> a breakthrough in san jose's budget battle. last night three city labor unions announced that they have tentively agreed to mayor chuck reed's request for a 10% cut in pa
in a brawl on the geraldo show. you may remember the episode when geraldo broke his nose. >>> u.s. supreme court says you may not like the church group that goes around and demonstrates at military funerals, but they do have the right to do it. justices ruled 8-1 yesterday in favor of that westboro baptist church kansas-based group which makes headlines for demonstrating outside of fun raffles fallen u.s. servicemembers claiming god is punishing the military for the the nation's tolerance of homosexuality. >>> the moammar qaddafi is going on the counter offensive in the eastern part of the country controlled by anti- government rebels. today warplanes struck an oil port. it appears the target was an airstrip that belongs to an oil complex on the mediterranean coast. in a nearby town, health officials say 14 people have died in fighting between rebels and government forces. opposition leaders are pleading for foreign powers to launch air strikes to help oust qaddafi, who has been in power for more than four decades. >>> the white house keeping up pressure on qaddafi to resign as some membe
. new information on how the cia has been helping the u.s. mission. >>> good morning, it is thursday, the 31st day of march, last day of march, i'm sydnie kohara. >> true! hard to believe. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 4:30. it is thursday. it is opening day for a lot of baseball teams including our giants. and well -- what do you think? >> yeah! baseball season! >> we could be getting ready to go to the game instead of sitting here. >> some parts of the country are worried about snow but we got the sunshine, some record- breaking heat showing up around the bay area yesterday. we're going to top that again today. if we hit all these temperatures right here, these are all be records. about 84 in san francisco. 84 in oakland. 85 in san jose. a fantastic day ahead. elizabeth has traffic. >> thank you, lawrence. it was hot yesterday, in san francisco. roadwork, new roadwork in livermore. eastbound five five between 580, no delay right now in your westbound 580 commute direction. looks great towards pleasanton in fact we have no big hot spots, no major accidents out there now, which is a ni
125 million gallons of raw and partially treated sewage into the bay just since october. the u.s. epa, san francisco baykeeper, and several other environmental organizations asked the court to get involved to prevent more spills. >> mark: 0 lawyer for six san francisco and its fat or argued it deprives them of their constitutional loading rights. a panel took the case under submission. the right choice system had initiative in 2004, this last four fall right choice voting is where they put choices on the ballot rather than choosing just one. >> darya: 19,000 employees are getting a pink slip is expected to top 20,000 when the union gets a better account appeared in lets employees know that they could lose their jobs, they have until may 15th to issue final pink slips. if you're wondering how safe those body scanners are in the airport so are other people. psa ordered retesting on the scanner's. it showed calculation errors, and other discrepancies by contractors that were heitor to check the radiation lot of spirit they say they gave off the same amount of radiation as traveling to mi
the u.s. is gearing up for possible military action in libya. >> tonight, the pentagon is moving american forces into the regions. charlie reports in a tv interview today, moammar gadhafi showed some serious signs of dilutions. >> protests in libya's capital. several hundred demonstrators gathered for a march before pro government fighters chased them away. the protesters left behind their message for moammar gadhafi to leave. in geneva, they had the same message, that gadhafi must go and he should be held accountable. >> these universal rights are unacceptable and will not be tolerated. >> slapped a libyan government with new sanctions, including an armed embargo. leaders are discussing a no fly zone over libya to prevent. >> our message to colonel gadhafi is simple, go now. >> gadhafi gave an interview to abc news. >> no inspiration. no, for what? they left me all with me. they left me all. >> for now, he has a firm grip on the capital. the government has been handing out cash to citizens to buy their support. while much of eastern libya is in rebel hands, the regime is
founded the u.s. government is now installing more air monitors on the west coast. >>terisa: in the next few weeks the epa plans to install about 30 more of these devices. this one is in san francisco. experts explain the device works by collecting hair samples and sending the data to a testing site to the u.s.. scientists then run a battery of tests, some of the test look for gamma radiation and particulates that concern associated with the nuclear plant meltdown. although japan is 5,000 mi. away, a spokesperson with the bay area air quality management tells kron 4 news that in the past, the air monitors have been able to detect coal dust from china. besides stationary system such as this one in the air quality management in the city, the epa also has mobile units. some of those are already being rolled out right now to western states. in oakland, kron 4 news. >>pam: stay with kron 4 for continuing coverage of the nuclear meltdown threat. at 530 the impact it could have on the japanese and u.s. economy. new tonight at 5:10 p.m. the shooting at mcdonald's and san jose, the fears in the n
miles from nuclear power plant on the brink of melting down. >> u.s. says it's taking a step back from leading the charge in libya. who will take over next? and are these airstrikes really stop moammar gadhafi's forces? >> eric: also head the bay area policing proves how dangerous crossing street can be. >> kristen: and about to become bay area's's's's's's's's's's's'q all the traffic on your carpet really adds up, leaving behind ground-in dirt and odors that vacuuming alone can't tackle. but with resolve high traffic foam, you can really see the difference. it removes three times more dirt than vacuuming alone. it also neutralizes odors at their source, so your carpets are clean and fresh every step of the way. nothing revives carpets like resolve high traffic foam. don't just vacuum clean, resolve clean. >>> welcome back. travel forecast, you can see the snow stretching from minneapolis all with the to new york, but the only way affected, line of strong storms moving through chicago, flight arrival delays and we are expecting delays developing here happening here. flight tracker will
. >> people stopped to watch. >> yep. coming up, terror attacks. a gunman shoulding in arabic shouted at u.s. troops in an airport in germany. >> the clock is ticking for the national football league. next the mid light deadline that could mean no football next season. >> the threat that charlie sheen's he is strained wife said he made against her that forced police to showowowowowowowowowo" >> welcome back. here's a look at our high temperatures across the country. wow! looks like spring is moving into the midwest, st. louis 62. mid-40s for seattle and portland and the cold is back in boston, 20 today, 31 new york. heading to phoenix, 80. everything is quiet. really no worries. we do have a little shower activity here and snow around minneapolis and chicago. if delays develop we'll have 'em, >> 4:48 now. the bodies of two children were found stuffed into luggage in a south florida canal in the exclusive oceanside community of delray beach. divers are back in the water today searching for clues. a little girl was found in a duffel bag. a boy of unknown age was locked in a suitc
agency could be fined as much as $20,000 a day. >>> now to libya where the u.s. says all options are on the table, including military action. raj mathai has more on stories making headlines. >> another bizarre day with moammar gadhafi. in an interview with the british television, the bbc, he remained defiant and in denial. now, the united states and european alleies have intensifid efforts to isolate can daf. today, he insisted his people support him and that there have be no protests. moving naval and air forces closer to libya. the administration says only that all options are on the table. simultaneously, the u.s. treasury department announced that it has frozen assets, at least $30 billion of assets, for libya, the largest amount ever frozen by a u.s. sanctions order. back here in the united states, seeking to appease disgruntled governors, president obama announcing today that he supports amending the 2010 health care law. he will allow states to opt out of some requirements three years earlier than now permitted with a nod to wisconsin, he also took the opportunity to defen
. u.s. marines arrived today at a military base in northern japan inland from the tsunami zone. they bought supplies for the people surviving with little food or water and cold temperatures. it has been difficult for relief workers to get to them because of the severe gas shortage and because so many roads were damaged. the police have put the number of confirmed dead at 7200. more than 110,000 others are missing. it is estimated 343 households don't have power and 262 after- shocks over magnitude 5. >>> the japanese government today raised a clarification or classification of the nuclear crisis from a level 4 to level 5. that means what is happening at the plant is equivalent to the three mile island accident in pennsylvania in 1979. and the consequences go beyond the immediate area. today crews sprayed water on the troubled japanese plant and this weekend they hope to connect an electrical cable so the cooling systems can be restored. if that fails, there is track of burying the plant in sand and concrete, which was done at chernobyl. now, here is inanimation of what might be
. >>> u.s. regular lay the tors today warned consumers watch out for an online scam -- regulators today warned consumers. watch out for an online scam. selling potassium iodine. they may not be the real thing. those pills are supposed to help organ damage. >> they're trying to convince you to buy something you are going to be convinced is the real drug. >> reporter: now there are a legitimate potassium iodine pills available online and at drugstores but health officials stress that they are not needed in the united states because no harmful levels of radiation from japan have been detected here. coming up at 5:30, hear from a tourist, and the precautions she brought with her to the united states. >>> in japan it is ice cold. temperatures are well above freezing making recovery and survival even more difficult. dangerous work is under way across the country. searchers have to make sure they are not injured by falling debris. of the 20,000 people more more than 9,000 are missing and feared dead. >> i found a 9-year-old's body. i had to take her back to her family. >> reporter: search cr
and the amount of time someone spends in an irradiated area. many people along the west coast of the u.s. are starting to expression concerns about radiation crossing the pacific. it's unlikely any significant amount will reach the bay area. the simple reason is, there are a million cubic miles of atmosphere between here and japan. >> i think we can measure radiation, if it comes out, but we won't be able to measure health effects. we won't be able to see them. >>> despite what the experts say, some people here in the bay area are still taking precautions. sal castaneda tells us about the iodine supplement they're buying, and how the prices have skyrocketed. >> reporter: as the news worsens about japan's damaged nuclear power plants, concern in the bay area has led people to buy up iodine supplements. the pills, also known as ki have been flying off the shelves. >> just to be on the safe side. because i only have half a thyroid anyway. i had half of my thyroid removed. if there is really some big kind of meltdown, i'm just worried that, you know, winds are blowing west, and it's a globa
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